Cahaba Riverkeeper Opposes Alabama Department of Transportation’s (ALDOT’s) Cahaba Beach Road Extension:  The Road to Ever Higher Water Rates

ALDOT’s story about Cahaba Beach Road extension has changed over time.  First, they said reopening the road was not needed to relieve traffic from U.S. 280; it would divert only 10%, or 7,000-9,000 cars a day.  Next, they said it was needed to relieve traffic from U.S. 280, the same 10%, or 7,000-9,000 cars a day!  Now, they say it is needed for “connectivity” between U.S. 280 and I-459 via Liberty Park.

Which is it? What’s really driving this proposed road through the heart of our drinking-water-source watershed?

What You Can Do to Stop This Road, Save Our River, and Save Taxpayers and BWWB Ratepayers Needless Expense

Send your comments, or even just your demand for the No Build option to the Alabama Dept of Transportation (ALDOT).  Give your name, address, and phone number so that ALDOT will count your “vote” for the No Build option/alternative. Do NOT select any of the proposed alternate routes.

Via USPS:  Mr. DeJarvis Leonard, P.E., Region Engineer, ALDOT – East Central Region
ATTN: Mrs. Sandra Bonner
PO Box 2745
Birmingham, AL  35202-2745

Via email:
We suggest you cc (not bcc) yourself and someone else
Subject Line:  Cahaba Beach Rd extension—NO BUILD

Whether by US mail or email, your message can be as short and simple as this:

Dear Mr. Leonard, please record my strong opposition to any extension or alternate route of Cahaba Beach Road, and please record my vote for the NO BUILD option/alternative.

Sign with your name, address, and phone number

This road would cut across forested lands that help protect the streams that provide our drinking water. Much of that property belongs to the Birmingham Water Works Board, whose charge it is to “permanently protect” the Cahaba River/Lake Purdy watershed lands.  No shortcut or extra connection road through our Cahaba River watershed is worth sacrificing affordable drinking water for.