For a thoughtful article “When Government Won’t Stop Illegal Pollution, We the People Can (For Now)”, please visit the Waterkeeper Alliance website to see this article/.  Of particular interest in this article is a description of a bill currently in the US House of Representatives that would “discourage citizens from bringing non-frivolous Clean Water At lawsuits”.   Quoting from the article:  

H.R.1179, the so-called “Discouraging Frivolous Lawsuits Act,” introduced by Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC), would actually discourage citizens from bringing non-frivolous Clean Water Act enforcement suits. In spite of what the misleading title suggests, truly frivolous lawsuits are already discouraged by the threat of court sanctions and liability for the opposing side’s legal fees. This bill would create a new requirement for the citizen to pay the defendant’s attorney fees if the citizen did not ultimately prevail in court, forcing would-be plaintiffs to risk financial ruin by filing good-faith Clean Water Act citizen suits.